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Talking with Vertical Farming Podcast

Vertical Harvest has come so far since the seed of an idea in 2008. Today, we are building a company that grows best-in-class produce that maximizes taste, nutrition, and reliability for our customers and communities. We are doing this by being smarter, greener and more equitable than traditional agriculture has ever been able to be. […]

Vertical Harvest Receives Another Honor, Gains More Visibility

Vertical Harvest Receives 3 Honorable Mentions from Esteemed World Changing Ideas Awards May 4, 2021 — The winners of Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced this morning, and we were beyond thrilled to receive three Honorable Mentions in the Best World Changing Idea North America, Food, and Social Justice categories. Now in […]

Feast and Field Profile

A wonderful new article from this online publication truly captures the Vertical Harvest story from the spark of an idea to today: poised to expand across the country. Read this profile on how Vertical Harvest seeks to help create a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, […]

Farewell Jackson Whole Grocer — Hello Whole Foods Market

While it is always hard to say goodbye to a long-standing local business like Jackson Whole Grocer, Vertical Harvest is very excited to welcome Whole Foods Market to Jackson. Whole Foods Market’s commitment to the community and the environment align nicely with our own mission and focus and will help drive positive change throughout our […]

Vertical Harvest Profile in Feast and Field

Feast and Field just gets us. A wonderful new article from this online publication truly captures the Vertical Harvest story. From our dedicated employees, to our farm’s unique architectural design, to our social impact mission and expansion plans, this profile covers it all. The accompanying photos from local Jackson photographer Shivyon Mitchell also beautifully capture […]

Our Most Diverse Farm Share Ever: Order Now!

  Based on the meal-driven concept of our new Crisp Cuisine Boxes, Vertical Harvest’s 2021 Spring Farm Share series will be the most diverse to ever fill your fridge. Each week you will get something exciting and different from the week before and it will lean toward a specific type of cuisine (Italian, Asian, etc.). […]

Changemaker of the Month: Sawyer Lucas-Griffin.

Sawyer works as Job Support for Farm Associate Ty Warner. She helps him evolve his skills and master more and more complex farming tasks. Sawyer is dedicated and innovative in her work to help Ty become independent in all aspects of his job, says coworker Robin Van Houten. “She constantly develops new tools and solutions, […]

Recipe: Sardine Toast with Teton Tomatoes and Citrus Blend

These tasty mouthfuls are a notch above your classic bruschetta — with the addition of salty sardines, and replacing basil with our zippy Citrus Blend. The recipe below makes 8 servings, so you’ll need to adjust up depending on the size of your gathering or the hunger of your guests! Ingredients 8 thick slices of […]

Expanding Our DEI Commitment 

While Vertical Harvest has always held a deep commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we’ve realized that, just like with anything else, if you don’t keep something on the front burner, it will get moved to the back.  DEI is too important to slide into the back burner! Key members of our team, including […]

Vertical Harvest on the Today Show

Two of our co-founders, Nona Yehia and Caroline Croft Estay, (plus a few of our wonderful employees) were featured on the Today Show on Monday, March 8, 2021 in honor of International Women’s Day. View the clip here.