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How Vertical Harvest Employees Use Their Microgreens

For Vertical Harvest employees, microgreens aren’t just an occasional addition to a dish. They are a way of life. Our team truly couldn’t function without these tiny stalks of flavor and freshness. We queried folks from the greenhouse, job support, and the corporate office. They all delivered insights on ways to incorporate microgreens into everyday […]

Collaboration Stories: Persephone Westbank

Chef Alejandra Peña nibbles a small green leaf and the spark in her eyes is unmistakable. Her customers at Persephone Westbank will soon find a similar tiny stalk in their morning granola bowl. “They’ll be surprised at the pop of citrus with their oats and yogurt,” she says with a smile. “ Tangerine cress is […]

Celebrating the Diversity of Pride

June is Pride month here at Vertical Harvest Farms. It’s not only a celebration, but a time to deepen our understanding of the diverse spectrum that makes up human sexuality. While research and education are certainly not limited to one month a year, we view Pride as a purposeful time to learn and broaden our […]

Leading the Industry Through Customized Employment

Our CEO Nona Yehia had the honor recently to speak with Trevor Williams on the Farm Traveler Podcast. One of her comments struck a specific chord with Trevor — that Vertical Harvest pairs the job to the individual and the individual to the job. Vertical Harvest achieves this by taking a holistic approach to employment. […]

Help Eliminate Food Waste: a Composting Guide

  Late last year, we shared our story on how Vertical Harvest is reducing food waste through composting and new packaging. As we continue to strive to do better, we invite you to join us.  It’s not just a good idea — it truly is a global imperative. Why? Well, did you know:  More than […]

DEI Book Club Discovers Ways to Impact Change

As part of our ongoing commitment to explore issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Vertical Harvest recently began a DEI book club — held every Tuesday from 4-5 pm. Open to all Vertical Harvest team members, the group reads and discusses books that delve into topics surrounding racism, sexism, bigotry, and ableism. The team […]

Vertical Harvest Farms Announces Partnership with Sodexo

We’ve always believed that partnerships facilitate progress. Today, we are excited to announce an exciting new partnership with Sodexo Group to bring fresh, nutritious produce to college campuses across Maine! Sodexo, a global food service provider and one of Maine’s largest employers, will source as much as 80-percent of its lettuce products from Vertical Harvest. […]

Talking with Vertical Farming Podcast

Vertical Harvest has come so far since the seed of an idea in 2008. Today, we are building a company that grows best-in-class produce that maximizes taste, nutrition, and reliability for our customers and communities. We are doing this by being smarter, greener and more equitable than traditional agriculture has ever been able to be. […]

Vertical Harvest Receives Another Honor, Gains More Visibility

Vertical Harvest Receives 3 Honorable Mentions from Esteemed World Changing Ideas Awards May 4, 2021 — The winners of Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced this morning, and we were beyond thrilled to receive three Honorable Mentions in the Best World Changing Idea North America, Food, and Social Justice categories. Now in […]

Feast and Field Profile

A wonderful new article from this online publication truly captures the Vertical Harvest story from the spark of an idea to today: poised to expand across the country. Read this profile on how Vertical Harvest seeks to help create a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, […]