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Expanding Our DEI Commitment 

While Vertical Harvest has always held a deep commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we’ve realized that, just like with anything else, if you don’t keep something on the front burner, it will get moved to the back.  DEI is too important to slide into the back burner! Key members of our team, including […]

Vertical Harvest on the Today Show

Two of our co-founders, Nona Yehia and Caroline Croft Estay, (plus a few of our wonderful employees) were featured on the Today Show on Monday, March 8, 2021 in honor of International Women’s Day. View the clip here.

Introducing the Crisp Cuisine Boxes!

Get fresh inspiration for your kitchen creations with our 4 new Crisp Cuisine boxes. Each comes with recipe ideas and the perfect fresh mix of produce. Buy individually or purchase a 4-week subscription and try them all. Watch for a series of recipes using these products right here on the blog. 1. Taste of Tuscany […]

Behind the Scenes with the Grow Well Model: An Interview with Caroline Croft-Estay

  Caroline Croft Estay, Vertical Harvest Co-Founder and Director of Diversity and Inclusion, developed and continually evolves the company’s groundbreaking employment model, Grow Well. The blog team sat down with Caroline to learn more about Grow Well and how it’s made a difference in employee satisfaction and retention at Vertical Harvest. Let’s Dive In: Blog […]

Changemaker of the Month: Robin Van Houten

Robin joined the Vertical Harvest team in August 2018.⁠ He started as an integrated pest management associate on the tomato floor and has worked his way up to tomato crop manager and assistant production manager. Robin embodies compassion, fun and curiosity and is a core part of Vertical Harvest’s inclusive culture, says Caroline Croft Estay, […]

Podcasts as an Team Development Tool

  Podcasts are ubiquitous nowadays. From politics, to food, to music, to social impact issues, they cover every subject under the sun. When once folks had to pay for scheduled lectures or take classes, podcasts have opened the door to getting expert advice and insights any time, anywhere. You just need a pair of headphones. […]

Fast Company Feature

This feature in Fast Company highlights our expansion plans, our social impact commitment to co-locate with affordable housing across the US, and our continued commitment to providing nourishing food and jobs.  Click to read article.

Daikon Microgreen: February Microgreen of the Month

Daikon microgreen is our February microgreen of the month. It’s the green that adds the biggest zip to our Spicy Mix and certainly ranks near the top as a customer favorite. It may be a slight exaggeration, but it also seems that just about every piece of sushi sold in Jackson is topped with our […]

Changemaker of the Month: Thibaud Sanchez

Thibaud started at Vertical Harvest three years ago as a Farm Associate in the Microgreens department. When Covid hit, he moved into a remote role as our diversity and inclusion associate, helping to facilitate trainings on workplace equity. In this new role, Thibaud has been a champion of fairness, safety, and trying new things. He […]

Shelf Life Trials — Learning to Maximize Freshness

In an effort to maximize the freshness of Vertical Harvest products, our Microgreen team recently conducted a series of shelf life trials. Included in these first trials were some of our most popular microblends, including Citrus Blend and Spicy Mix. The goal was to: Drive quality control and develop shelf turn-over targets for our microgreen […]