Changemaker of the Month: Sawyer Lucas-Griffin.

IMG 5194

IMG 5194

Sawyer works as Job Support for Farm Associate Ty Warner. She helps him evolve his skills and master more and more complex farming tasks. Sawyer is dedicated and innovative in her work to help Ty become independent in all aspects of his job, says coworker Robin Van Houten.

“She constantly develops new tools and solutions, and re-evaluates old ones so that Ty is best supported in his growth,” he says. “Sawyer exercises patience and caring, while pushing Ty to improve.” 

She really exemplifies everything good about this company, say Ty’s parents, Bill & Kathy Warner. “Sawyer has been a welcome presence in Ty’s Vertical Harvest life. She brings stability, positivity and reliability to Ty and the Warner family, says Bill.

“Sawyer has been very creative in safely navigated the Covid work crisis with Ty and been flexible with both Vertical Harvest’s and Ty’s needs.”