Growing Custom Greens for Chefs

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preview lightbox IMG 0885

Did you know that we work directly with restaurants to test out new products? We meet with chefs to discover their favorite flavor profiles and customize our grows to meet individual chef and restaurant needs. We even create personalized blends for specific dishes.

This partnership has led to more options in the greenhouse, and, we like to think, to more creativity on the dishes you order from local Jackson restaurants. In fact, our new petite blends (premiering in our Winter Farm Share and on grocery shelves soon after) evolved from trials and tests we conducted with our partner chefs. You’ll be hearing more about these three new microgreen mixes soon.

Profiling Dishes Crafted with Vertical Harvest Greens

Our newly designed email newsletter will profile chef creations each month, like the Elk carpaccio with black garlic pine nuts, aoli, and Vertical Harvest pea shoots shown above. Crafted by the talented chefs at Old Yellowstone Garage restaurant in Teton Village, this “very Wyoming” dish is just one example of how our greens can enliven meals around town.

Our greens can enliven your kitchen creativity, as well, and we encourage you to experiment and let us know what you learn! Share your creations with us and the community at large on social media with the hashtag #govertical. We just might feature your recipe or creation here on our blog, on our Instagram feed, or in our newsletter.