How Vertical Harvest Employees Use Their Microgreens

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OutWestJH VHCocktail 33 websize

For Vertical Harvest employees, microgreens aren’t just an occasional addition to a dish. They are a way of life. Our team truly couldn’t function without these tiny stalks of flavor and freshness. We queried folks from the greenhouse, job support, and the corporate office. They all delivered insights on ways to incorporate microgreens into everyday meals. We hope these easy ideas provide you with kitchen inspiration, and serve to make microgreens a delicious and healthy staple in your home.

Kyra Foley, Marketing Coordinator
I sprinkle Dr. Feel Good on top of my avocado toast in the morning for an easy to-go breakfast!

Kyle Burson, Administrative Assistant
I use our microgreen blends in all my stir-fries.

Caroline Croft Estay, Director of Diversity & Inclusion
I grab a handful of Spicy Mix to get my day going. I also am known to use them in my craft cocktails. 

Taylor Eckerson, Project & Executive Coordinator
I love using Spicy Mix in my veggie pho dishes!

Emily Peterson, Sales Director
I add mustard microgreens and mustard frills to bratwurst and burgers – YUM!

Jules Brune, DD Waiver Job Support
I use our wasabi microgreens when making sushi rolls. I also sprinkle a variety of greens on top of soups and blend Dr. Feel Good and other mixes into smoothies to rev them up. 

Lyndsay Rowan, Grow Well & Outreach Coordinator
I add the Citrus Blend to my morning smoothies…and always load microgreens onto tacos!!

Hannah Bouline, Microgreen Manager
I riff off the NYT cooking recipe for Indian-ish Baked Potatoes with whatever I have available and then load it up with Spicy Mix! I especially love putting the Spicy Mix on sweet potatoes for the flavor contrast.

Amanda Macfarlane, Farm Associate
Instead of horseradish sauce on prime rib, I put Spicy Mix or Wasabi micro on it! Delicious.

Cathy Bradberry, Job Support
I slice a loaf of french bread or ciabatta in half the long way. Then, butter both sides and sprinkle with garlic powder and Italian herbs. I add fresh parsley, freshly diced Vertical Harvest tomatoes and sliced mozzarella. Then, I bake it until the cheese melts and top it off with ANY of our fresh microgreens. Soooooo good….

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