Welcome to Vertical Harvest Farms: Interview with New Employees!

Samara Selected VertHarvest SamaraPortrait JoeySackett 4

Samara Flug

Samara Selected VertHarvest SamaraPortrait JoeySackett 4

My name is Samara Flug.  I am the Director of Business Operations at Vertical Harvest, in Jackson.  This role is responsible for building cross-functional processes, strategy, and structure to help increase overall efficiency, support, and cohesiveness as we grow.  I was attracted to working at VH because I am passionate about creating better products and making them accessible to more people. When I moved to Jackson, Vertical Harvests’ mission resonated with me by focusing on food access, sustainability, and building a more conscious, inclusive business. I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing team doing important work with a lot of exciting goals on the horizon.  My favorite product that we grow at the greenhouse is the Citrus Blend of microgreens! They go well with everything and I have been making arugula salads with the Citrus Blend, pistachios, and peaches every week this summer. I did, however, get to taste a borage flower on my greenhouse tour (thank you Charlotte and Johnny!) and I immediately fell in love with the flavor.  In my spare time, I love cooking (especially making soups!), trail running, biking, skiing, and folk music.


Gary Endecott – Vertical Harvest headshot coming soon!!

My name is Gary Endecott/G$$. I am working in the Packaging Department. I came to work for Vertical Harvest because of Sean Stone and Caroline! I love to ski, mountain bike, go to the rodeo and work at the Moose hockey games. I am also a mountain host at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  I also love spending time with my family and friends. I really enjoy picking on Sean Stone…we have been friends for 11 years! And I love being called by my nickname, G-Money$$!

Noah Rial

VertHarvest NoahPortrait JoeySackett 4
I am Noah Rial and I am the Fulfillment Lead. I am excited to work at Vertical Harvest because of the awesome people growing awesome greens. My favorite VH product is definitely the Spicy Mix microgreens! I love putting them on my sandwiches to add some fun spice. In my free time, I love to ride my bike and skateboard.
Johannah Denmark
VertHarvest JohannaPortrait JoeySackett 1
My name is Jojo Denmark and I am the packaging manager at the greenhouse.  I came to work at Vertical Harvest because I have always admired what VH stands for and the quality product the greenhouse produces. When I was interested in working here, I had a few friends who worked here/knew people who worked here & everyone had the most positive/outstanding things to say about VH, so of course I wanted to try & be a part of the team!  My favorite product that we grow at VH is the beet power.  I LOVE IT!  There’s just something about those little beet petites that just tastes so yummy & makes me happy.  In my free time, I try to spend a lot of my free time outside with friends and loved ones. Typically in the summer I’m either biking, playing ball/frisbee with my dog Archie, or doing some form of an art project (lately it’s been cyanotype). In the winter, classically in Jackson, I love to snowboard and apres!  I’m super excited to be a part of the VH team and I already feel so welcomed and supported here!
Charlotte Hadley
Charlotte web photos
My name is Charlotte Hadley and I am a Senior Farm Associate at Vertical Harvest.  Something that brought me to the greenhouse is the fact that I am an advocate for sustainability, community health, equity, inclusion and revolutionizing our food systems. Vertical Harvest sparked my interest from the moment I stepped foot in Jackson, as an all- encompassing company looking to change lives and doing it through growing food.  My favorite product that we grow at VH is the Sweet Mix.  I love it and it’s so tasty for salads.   In my free time, I love all outdoor activities with friends but I especially love to ski, mountain bike, rock-climb, practice yoga, sing, play ukulele and cook!
Connor Engelmann
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My name is Connor Engelmann and I am a farm associate in the racks/microgreens department. I help seed, harvest, and problem solve.  I was largely attracted to Vertical Harvest because of employment model. My younger sister has Down syndrome, and it really means a lot working for a company that prioritizes hiring people of differing abilities.  When it comes to my favorite product that we grow in the greenhouse, I really love the Beet Power mix, especially in my morning smoothie!  The cilantro is a close second.  In my free time I love to trail run, read, bake, and cook.
Monique Cardillo
VertHarvest MoniquePortrait JoeySackett 3
My name is Monique Cardillo.  I just started as the Local Sales Manager for Jackson, helping to share our product with our local community.  Originally, wholesome mission and strong community values are what I was drawn to at Vertical Harvest. But once I met the team, I was certain that I wanted to be part of the inspiring and supportive group of individuals who work here.  My favorite product that we grow in the greenhouse changes daily, if not hourly. Currently, I’ve been reaching for our Dr. Feel Good microblend mix again and again, which paired perfectly with my smoked salmon breakfast this morning.  During my free time, skiing gets me most excited. But when there is no snow afoot, I prefer to be outside and love all activities that take me there; especially running, boating, fishing, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and gardening.