Farewell Jackson Whole Grocer — Hello Whole Foods Market

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While it is always hard to say goodbye to a long-standing local business like Jackson Whole Grocer, Vertical Harvest is very excited to welcome Whole Foods Market to Jackson. Whole Foods Market’s commitment to the community and the environment align nicely with our own mission and focus and will help drive positive change throughout our community and beyond. And, Whole Foods Market is helping Vertical Harvest grow in a number of ways.

Our Sales Director, Emily Peterson, lays it all out below.

  1. Blog Team: Will Whole Foods Market Jackson carry Vertical Harvest products?
    Emily: Yes. Not only will you still see our current grocery products at Whole Foods Market, the company is encouraging us to develop and offer even more. We’re also excited to remain on the shelves alongside many other local products, such as Teton Valley Honey, Bovine & Swine, High Point Cider, Snake River Roasting, and many others.
  2. Blog Team: How do you think Whole Foods Market will support our community?
    Emily: In talking with them I have learned that they have already signed on to be a co-challenger sponsor of the 2021 Old Bill’s Fun Run (a non-profit near and dear to our hearts). Plus, the company’s charitable arms are open wide in Jackson already. They are accepting applications for non-profit giving at this link. Donations are distributed once per quarter (or 4 times/year). In addition, The Whole Kids Foundation awarded gardening grants to local schools, including Jackson Hole Middle School, Teton School District 401, Summit High School, and Alta Elementary. I understand that Whole Foods Market also is now providing surplus food to Hole Food Rescue, a local organization that serves food insecure residents of Teton County.  
  3. Blog Team: How can Whole Foods Market specifically benefit Vertical Harvest?
    Emily: The company is providing Vertical Harvest mentorship in many areas to help us better position ourselves in the grocery industry. The Whole Foods market team answers any questions we have regarding the company and even beyond. For example, they’ve helped us navigate distribution channels that are familiar to them, but new to us. They’ve supported improvements in our food safety program and have even offered advice on efficiency challenges we face in the greenhouse. Finally, they keep us abreast of fresh produce trends nationwide, and assist us with product development ideas based on sales data and other insights. We look forward to continuing this growing relationship as we open farms in other areas of the country.