Each month Greenie of the Month is chosen based on their passion and embodiment of the Vertical Harvest Pillars.


TAYLOR ECKERSON | Chief of Staff

Taylor, The Vertical Harvest Team recognizes you for your amazing dedication, positive attitude, and get-‘er-done capabilities! Thanks for all that you do for Vertical Harvest, we are so lucky to have you on our team!

“Taylor is the glue that keeps us all together. Not only are her organizational skills INCREDIBLE she also has the grace and the grit that keeps the team empowered and moving in a forward direction. Taylor’s kindness, compassion and leadership are all attributes that make her a wonderful team member and that embody the heart of Vertical Harvest! “

“Taylor is a hard worker. She is always positive. When you see Taylor she always has the biggest smile”

“Taylor is Vertical Harvest’s omniscient beacon of light. She’s the ultimate team member, a pillar of positivity, and an overall BADA$$. She helps guide all aspects of our team with grace and poise, while lifting us all up along the way. She keeps our tribe charging forward in the right direction and brings more to the table than she will ever give herself credit for. She is a warrior in our pursuit of Vertical Harvest making our mark on the world and we are lucky to have her on this journey!”



CHRIS ECKERSON | Facilities Manager

“Chris already fits seamlessly into our team and has brought so much determination to improve our systems.”

“Chris’s hard work and willingness to take on new tasks makes him a rockstar in the greenhouse. His calm presence and can-do attitude is a great asset for the team!”

“He takes on any challenge with a smile and determination to figure it out.”



EMILY PETERSON | Sales Director

“Emily is respectful, open-minded, extremely dedicated, and fun to work with.”

 “She has very effective communication and problem-solving skills. She is always a very calming presence to be around.“

 “Emily’s passion about what we do and grow is evident in all of her aspects of work!”



TY WARNER | Farm Associate

His laugh and smile can easily light up a room.”

“Ty has one of the best work ethics that I’ve ever seen.”

“He is a hard worker who has an energetic high for life.”


SEAN STONE | Senior Facilities Associate

“It is the thoughtfulness he puts into everything he does that makes him an amazing co-worker. “

“Always willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities, Sean consistently represents the ‘professional growth’ pillar of the Grow Well model. “