Greenie of The Month

Each month Greenie of the Month is chosen based on their passion and embodiment of the Vertical Harvest Pillars.

September 2022

CINDY HANNON | Grow Well Director

“Cindy has been absolutely amazing since day one. Her positive attitude, and ability to streamline communication has made everybody feel included and heard. Her presence has truly made a positive impact on the people and plants that we grow in our greenhouse. I look forward to working with Cindy in the future!”
“Cindy has only been here a short time, but it feels like she has been here for ages! She fits right into the vertical harvest team and has done SUCH an incredible job thus far. I am so excited to see all that Cindy does next!”
“In a very short amount of time, Cindy has had a tremendous, positive impact on Vertical Harvest and our people! From day one, Cindy has shown a willingness to jump right in, roll up her sleeves, and help all of us continue to improve. And, she has done so with a level of compassion, empathy, curiosity, transparency, and inclusivity that is an example for all.”
“Since the first minute I started talking to Cindy, I could tell we were going to get along perfectly! She blends in with the VH crew even though she has only been here for a month and a half. Thank you for being the extra sunlight the greenhouse needs Cindy!”



August 2022

GARY ENDECOTT | Farm Associate

It is hard to believe that Gary is a recent addition to the VH team because of how well he has slipped into the crazy days here at the greenhouse! Gary seems to be in a perpetually great mood, and it is hard not to have his smile infect the room (even through a mask!!) We are glad to have Gary and his positive mindset as a highly valued member of the team. Way to go Gary!!

Gary’s uplifting attitude and willingness to learn new things has had such a positive impact on the packaging team. He’s really fun to be around and is our newest multiplication wizard! We’re so happy to have him as part of our team!

MONIQUE CARDILLO | Local Sales Manager

Monique is committed to problem solving and communicates with everyone in the greenhouse clearly and effectively. She is an outstanding, bright personality to have in the greenhouse and we are so excited to have her on our team!

Monique works so hard to support all of our customers across Jackson, selling our products alongside providing wonderful customer service. She has also been an amazing partner for everyone at the greenhouse as a supportive team player, making sure we’re working together to bring Vertical Harvest to our community!


July 2022

THIBUAD SANCHEZ | Microgreens Associate

“Thibaud shows up to the greenhouse with energy and warmth. He consistently has a great attitude when performing tasks and while working with a team. We are so happy to have him back on our team, keep shining bright Thibaud!”

“We are very lucky to have Thibaud in the greenhouse! His capability to understand how others are feeling, and the way he holds himself and others accountable, make him a great member of any team effort. And between the classic tunes and thought provoking conversations, it is always a lively work shift when Thibaud is around! He is an extremely genuine guy, very friendly to all both inside and out of work (as long as they are responsible dog owners)!”

“Thibaud is always ready to work with such a positive attitude! He also has such great observations about the world around us…I always love to hear his thoughts.”

June 2022

CONNOR ENGELMANN | Racks Associate

Congratulations Connor! The VH Team has chosen you as June Greenie of the Month! We are all appreciative of your positive attitude and hard work and love having you on our team!

“Connor is a very hard worker and has made a huge impact on the team since day one. His positive attitude and willingness to learn has been felt throughout the greenhouse. Thank you for everything you have done and keep up the good work!”

“After only working with us for three months, Connor is an essential member of our team. He is eager to build new skills and take on new responsibilities. He has seamlessly cultivated strong friendships with all of our coworkers in the greenhouse with his inclusive and kind personality. Go Connor, we are so lucky to have you on the Racks Team!”
“Connor has quickly risen to the challenges of vertical farming with a great attitude. His ability to jump in and build on this workflow is commendable, and his excitement about being a part of this culture and team is vital. “

March 2022

MICHELE DENNIS | Senior Farm Associate
“Michele is one of the strongest and most impressive people I know! She is the champion of the lettuce department, and a great friend/mama bear to just about everyone she interacts with. Her work ethic is always inspiring, and we would all be lucky to love our jobs and people as much as she does! Great work Michele!!”
“Michele is the most amazing lettuce fairy godmother! She makes everyone feel welcome in the farm every day and she does her work with dedication, care and heart!”
“Michele always greats everyone with a big hello and I love her fun leggings…especially the shamrocks!”
JOHNNY FIFLES | Senior Microgreens Associate

“Johnny is an absolute powerhouse in the racks department. Not just a superhero of seeding and a king of covering, he is also always thinking of ways to improve the world, or bringing smiles to the faces of his coworkers and friends with quotes and jokes from just about every piece of media you can imagine. Always keeping an eye out for those less fortunate, he is a friend you always appreciate having by your side. Way to go Johnny!”

“Johnny is a hard worker and a fantastic artist! I love how passionate he is about so many things!”

“Without Johnny, where would Vertical Harvest be? His knowledge, experience and work-ethic is absolutely integral to not only the Racks team, but the entire functioning farm. He embodies the Grow Well Model with his thoughtfulness towards his friends and co-workers, and passion for social justice and advocacy on the JEDI team. Johnny shows us that the little things like weekly Oreos, valentines and birthday cards, go a long way in strengthening our culture. We are so lucky to have you on our team Johnny and grateful for all that you do.”



“Crocker’s commitment and character are both amazing. In every aspect of his work, he makes sure things are done right, putting great thought into what is the best path for the team. He is also a pillar of the VH family taking interest in and creating caring connections with each of us!”

“From his work in both the packaging and fulfillment departments Crocker’s attention to detail and consistency helps the team reach our department goals on time and with efficiency. Thank you for your hard work Crocker- keep it up!”

“Crocker always has great recommendations for movies, shows and books!”

“Crocker is one of the friendliest people in the greenhouse. He always says hi to everyone and takes time to create personal relationships with his coworkers. Recently he has been showing great leadership in the Packaging department. He works extremely well with the rest of his team and is great at communicating what needs to be done in a helpful, positive, efficient way. He really cares about the success of the team. I love working with him!”


The Vertical Harvest Team has chosen both Tim and Charlotte to be January Greenies of the Month! Thank you for your positive energy, constant hard work, and keeping us all dancing!!

TIM MCLAURIN | Farm Associate

“Tim brings so much happiness, magic and fun to the greenhouse! He is an incredibly hard worker and loves his job. His enthusiasm is contagious and his energy is unstoppable. It is a pleasure working with Tim!”
“Tim always makes the Greenhouse come alive as soon as he steps through the threshold, heartfelt smiles and love for all his VH Family. Tim is so very proud of his amazing accomplishments while working at the greenhouse almost 7 years since the very beginning when we were learning about the growth of plants in the classroom well before we broke earth to build. His work ethic is unparalleled by his enthusiasm to “Get It Done” this is Tim’s phrase everyday. His huge kind heart and love for life is paramount. We love you Tim aka Jacksons Biggest Rockstar.”



“We are so excited to have Charlotte join our team! She is always smiling and dancing, and brings the best energy into the greenhouse everyday!”
“Charlotte is wonderful to be around and a hard worker along with being very knowledgeable about what she knows about microgreens!”
“I’ve only known Charlotte for a short time, but in that time, she has been nothing but sweet, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”




“Robin is the foundation of the greenhouse. He brings bright energy into the farm every day and is THE best listener. Robin is a great friend, coworker, adventure partner, doggie play dater, and I am so thankful to have him on our team! He is one of a kind!”

“There are so many impressive things about Robin, but what stands out to me is his deep compassion for everyone around him. He treats everyone with respect, kindness and patience. And he loves to laugh and have fun and dance. I am grateful for the way he tackles every obstacle with so much optimism and open-mindedness. We are so lucky to have him as a leader of our greenhouse!”

“Robin’s positive attitude, determined, work, ethic, and compassion of all his co-workers defines VH leadership”

“Robin is so kind and always makes me smile!”



TAYLOR ECKERSON | Chief of Staff

Taylor, The Vertical Harvest Team recognizes you for your amazing dedication, positive attitude, and get-‘er-done capabilities! Thanks for all that you do for Vertical Harvest, we are so lucky to have you on our team!

“Taylor is the glue that keeps us all together. Not only are her organizational skills INCREDIBLE she also has the grace and the grit that keeps the team empowered and moving in a forward direction. Taylor’s kindness, compassion and leadership are all attributes that make her a wonderful team member and that embody the heart of Vertical Harvest! “

“Taylor is a hard worker. She is always positive. When you see Taylor she always has the biggest smile”

“Taylor is Vertical Harvest’s omniscient beacon of light. She’s the ultimate team member, a pillar of positivity, and an overall BADA$$. She helps guide all aspects of our team with grace and poise, while lifting us all up along the way. She keeps our tribe charging forward in the right direction and brings more to the table than she will ever give herself credit for. She is a warrior in our pursuit of Vertical Harvest making our mark on the world and we are lucky to have her on this journey!”



CHRIS ECKERSON | Facilities Manager

“Chris already fits seamlessly into our team and has brought so much determination to improve our systems.”

“Chris’s hard work and willingness to take on new tasks makes him a rockstar in the greenhouse. His calm presence and can-do attitude is a great asset for the team!”

“He takes on any challenge with a smile and determination to figure it out.”



EMILY PETERSON | Sales Director

“Emily is respectful, open-minded, extremely dedicated, and fun to work with.”

 “She has very effective communication and problem-solving skills. She is always a very calming presence to be around.“

 “Emily’s passion about what we do and grow is evident in all of her aspects of work!”



TY WARNER | Farm Associate

His laugh and smile can easily light up a room.”

“Ty has one of the best work ethics that I’ve ever seen.”

“He is a hard worker who has an energetic high for life.”


SEAN STONE | Senior Facilities Associate

“It is the thoughtfulness he puts into everything he does that makes him an amazing co-worker. “

“Always willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities, Sean consistently represents the ‘professional growth’ pillar of the Grow Well model. “