Celebrating Women’s History Month

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As a company founded by three women, we have been breaking gender norms from the start. We engrain our culture with women empowerment, equal rights, and education around the history of gender-inequality in business.

We’re respectful of different opinions, we’re iterative and deliberative in our decision-making.

We include and amplify different voices that haven’t always been the loudest, or been given a platform, but deserve to be heard.


You can feel this in our values

  • There’s a certain permission here to be vulnerable – we often talk about having a beginner’s mindset, even if it’s an area of expertise in order to stay humble and open to new ways of doing things
  • We also champion “real talk” even when it’s uncomfortable

We asked our team:

What is your favorite part about working for a women-run business?


Thibaud Sanchez, VH Associate

My favorite part about working for a woman run business is that we have wellness days for when we need them.


Mycah Miller, Retail market and artist residences

I love being women my favorite  is running my own art business same working the retail market at VH cuz love the fashion and see people with the smiling faces also it’s online now. It’s important to eat healthy same with the greens too


Amanda Macfarlane

Women-run businesses are great to work for because they understand that family is important to them and their women employees and are more likely to let them have time off to take care of their children or other family members who are important to them. They also are willing to help them out if they are in a bind and do whatever it takes to help them get out of that bind!


Crocker Stickney

Equality, respect, opportunity, non discrimination. All of these things.


Charlotte Hadley, Farm Associate

My favorite part about working for a women-owned business is knowing that I’m supporting females across the world to lead in their professional fields. It’s supports the goals that I have for myself and all women to have equal pay and opportunity to men.


Nikki Thompson, Admin Assistant

The thing I love the most about working for a women run business is they strive to be the best company we can possibly be, by working extremely hard.  I don’t know where we would be, without our leaders.


Hannah Bouline, Product Dev and Sustainability Manager

I feel that women-led businesses foster more diversity in perspective and leads to teams that are more collaborative, communicative, and open to learning. I believe that our company’s culture is a direct result of having female founders and leadership, and I feel that it also creates more opportunity for myself and other women in our company to succeed.