Eat Local This Thanksgiving

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Eat Local This Thanksgiving

Farmers across Wyoming and Idaho partner up to bring fresh farm food to your Thanksgiving table. 

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming we endure long, hard winters, and while there are a lot of things we love about our small ski town, buying local food is not always an option during the coldest of months. As farmers, we all work towards the same goal: supplying our towns with local and sustainable food for as much of the year as possible. At Vertical Harvest, we’re able to grow 365 days a year thanks to our controlled environmental agriculture system (or CEA). 

This year, in partnership with Morning Dew Mushrooms and Canewater Farm, we’re bringing Jackson a farm-to-table Thanksgiving! We want to show our community how easy it can be to eat local (and delicious) farm fresh food. We’re also partnering with Avant Delivery to make this holiday as sustainable as possible, using their 100% reusable packaging. The best part about it… Avant will deliver right to your doorstep, saving you from the Turkey Day shopping hassle.


Quantities Limited…So, Order now! They will sell out fast. Last day to order (while supplies last), is Wednesday, November 17th. 

Delivery & Pick Up Day: Wednesday, November 24th 

Pick up at Vertical Harvest Farms 155 W Simpson Ave Jackson, WY



Let us share the ultimate local, sustainable, delicious, holiday box with your family this Thanksgiving. 

This Thanksgiving, grace your table with:

  • Petite Green Blend –  Vertical Harvest 
  • Teton Tomatoes – Vertical Harvest 
  • Live Rock Chive Microgreens – Vertical Harvest 
  • 1/2lb Assorted Mushrooms – Morning Dew Mushrooms
  • Onions – Canewater Farm 
  • Carrots – Canewater Farm 
  • Recipes soon to be new family favorites! 


Lip-smacking, Local, Sustainable, Thanksgiving Box!

Avant Reusable Packaging

Delivery to your home on 11/24

Delivery to: Teton Village, Wilson, Jackson, Kelly, Victor, Driggs


ORDER ONLINE: https://shop.avantdelivery.co/en/store/Vertical-Harvest/1109925


Lip-smacking, Local, (slightly-less-sustainable), Thanksgiving Box

Single-use Packaging

Pick up from our greenhouse on 11/24


ORDER ONLINE: https://shop.verticalharvestfarms.com/pages/produce-boxes


Vertical Harvest is Celebrating Thanksgiving in Partnership with Some of Our Best Local Farms

About Morning Dew Mushrooms

Morning Dew Mushrooms is a gourmet mushroom farm located in Teton  Valley,  Idaho. As Idaho’s largest mushroom grower, Morning Dew Mushrooms focuses on growing a variety of mushrooms using the best proven indoor cultivation equipment and techniques. The growers constantly adjust and  improve  their equipment due to the dry and chilly Idaho climate. 

About Canewater Farm 

Canewater Farm is a Certified Organic family farm located in Teton Valley, Idaho.  We are nestled in the foothills of the Snake River Range between Pole Canyon and Smith Canyon.  This is our second growing season in the Rocky Mountain West.  We returned to the Tetons after farming for six years on the coast of Georgia.  We have a deep love for our ecosystem, community and farming.  We fell lucky to call this valley home.In these unprecedented times, we feel stronger than ever about building soil and growing good food.  We believe farming is a form of activism. We are taking small steps towards positive change.  Wendell Berry sums up why we farm, stating, ” …the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.”  

About Avant Delivery 

Take advantage of Avant’s network of restaurants, cafes, and shops around Jackson, Wyoming that have Avant containers on hand for you to use. No more single use coffee cups, utensils, to-go boxes, and shopping bags! When you order from a participating business simply mention that you are an Avant member when you place an order or check the Avant option online and your meals and goods will come in Avant containers. We are small and trust our community so we believe in an honor system. Everything from Avant’s online marketplace will come in reusable containers.

Avant provides a compost bin and an Avant Bin that stays at your home like a recycling bin. All Avant packaging is placed into the Avant Bin rather than the trash or recycling. Avant picks up the Avant Bin from your home at each grocery delivery or weekly, whichever comes sooner.