Rediscovering Joy at Work

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The pandemic brought an unimaginable amount of emotions and uncertainty into our homes. Across all industries employees reported feeling burned out from the stress of their jobs and bored by the monotonous structure. “Many of us have also struggled with feeling inauthentic at times throughout these months as we’ve needed to show up like we’re okay even when we’re not. That’s especially true for leaders, who have bucked themselves up knowing that their people depend on them. A sustained disconnect between our inner self and the behaviors we exhibit to others can diminish our psychological well-being.”

– Harvard Business Review

At Vertical Harvest we’re here to build people up, not wear them down. We built The Grow Well Model around ways that work can enhance people’s lives both financially and personally. We asked our Vertical Harvest family what brings them joy in and out of the workplace, and the answers were extraordinary. Crystal said that she finds joy at work when she is surrounded by her friends. Kyra voiced that her joy at Vertical Harvest comes from promoting a product she believes in wholeheartedly. Todd shared that he finds joy in supporting people and being supported by them.

Joyfulness: experiencing, causing, or showing joy. A state of being extremely happy.Blissful. Satisfied. Thankful. Exuberance.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh

What brings you joy? How do you show up with joyfulness?

– Caroline Croft Estay (Co-Founder & Director of Human Potential)