Edible Flowers Bloom in the Greenhouse



If you frequented the farmers market in Jackson this past summer you probably spotted the debut of our edible flower mixes. Their popularity told us we were on to something. Vertical Harvest is now poised to go “all in” on these vibrant and flavorful beauties. We’ve greatly expanded our production capacity in the greenhouse and things are blooming! Let us brighten your Wyoming winter with nasturtiums, marigolds, and more.

Growing Edible Flowers

We germinate flowers from seed on propagation tables and then transplant the sprouting flowers into hanging baskets. We grow the flowers hydroponically in coco coir, repurposed from our tomato crops, and feed with nutrient rich water until they are ready for harvesting. 

All our edible flowers feature a delicate floral flavor with an additional palate-popping twist. Nasturtium is peppery/spicy, Borage has a mild cucumber essence, Marigolds imbue a mild citrus tang, and Bachelor Button offers a delicate tinge of clove.

Tasting Our Edible Flowers

Look for these colorful blooms in cocktails and salads in your favorite restaurants around town in the next few months. Our Cocktail Kit, featuring flowers and microgreens, will premiere in our upcoming Winter Farm Share and appear on grocery store shelves in early 2021. 

The Cocktail Kit includes edible flowers as well as a mix of microgreens with various flavor profiles. You’ll find Red-Veined Sorrel (sour/citrus), Tangerine Cress and Chrysanthemum (floral), Celery (savory) and Nasturtium (spicy) in the Winter Farm Share kit. 

Use these greens and flowers as garnish to your favorite spirit, mix some into a mixed drink for flavor, or even freeze them into ice cubes. And, keep on the lookout for our Edible Flower Handbook (similar to our popular Mighty Microgreen Handbook downloadable at the bottom of the page here) to debut early next year (2021).