Daikon Microgreen: February Microgreen of the Month

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preview chat Screen Shot 2021 02 09 at 1.52.08 PM

Daikon microgreen is our February microgreen of the month. It’s the green that adds the biggest zip to our Spicy Mix and certainly ranks near the top as a customer favorite. It may be a slight exaggeration, but it also seems that just about every piece of sushi sold in Jackson is topped with our Daikon.

The Vertical Harvest Daikon microgreen is the early growth stage of a daikon radish — the long, white radish used in lots of Asian cooking. They have lofty white stems and green leaves (see photo above). With thicker stems than many of their sister microgreens, Daikon adds a satisfying crunch that few others can deliver. Their flavor also offers the same spicy bite of a full grown radish. Talk about a mighty microgreen!

Daikon Microgreens in Cooking

We love growing them because they are one of our fastest growing crops. Johnny Fifles, our senior Farm Associate, says it is his favorite microgreen and Hannah Bouline, our Farm Lead can’t get enough of Daikon in her own cooking. “I love spicy food, so I can eat them on just about everything, but my favorite is to put a big pile on a baked sweet potato (a little spicy, a little sweet),” she says.

Great in salads (of course), in cold soups, and as a burger topper, Daikon microgreens also show off their creative side in dishes like this Summer Daikon Rolls With Avocado and Microgreens recipe from One Green Planet. With a double dose of Daikon (both the adult radish and the microgreen), these rolls are a mouth full of peppery, zesty freshness.