Taylor Eckerson

Taylor Eckerson

Taylor joined Vertical Harvest right when the greenhouse doors opened in 2016. She’s worked her way from volunteer, to greenhouse job support, to her current vital role juggling special projects for administration, finance, operations, and payroll. Taylor is a constant source of positive energy, a great sounding board for any idea, and knows the answer to pretty much every question.

As coworker Chris Hogberg puts it, “Taylor is the glue that helps the crew push on through!” Taylor knows what we all need before we do. We’re not sure how she does it but she knows our schedules, our next questions, and helps all of us and the company get to the next level.

“Taylor is DEDICATED,” says Co-Founder Caroline Croft Estay (adding the all caps for emphasis). “She lives the Vertical Harvest mission, she supports and empowers all of the Vertical Harvest team and creates an impact that is consistent and profound. I am grateful to have her on our team.”

She even has a Vertical Harvest logo tattoo. Now that’s dedication!

Tim joined the greenhouse crew the day we opened our doors in 2016. He’s played an integral part in building our culture and sharing Vertical Harvest pride with the world. He is an advocate for people with disabilities and very open about his story and how he finds his center through music, friends, family and dancing. Tim will pop up where least expected, getting involved in every project and program he can. He even appeared in a promotional video for the National Downs Syndrome Society. The ad, showing an all Downs Syndrome restaurant crew serving a gourmet meal to lawmakers, urges changes to the law that limits work hours for employees with this disability. View the ad here. 

During the pandemic, Tim turned a negative into a positive. Over the past seven months he’s spent several hours a week dancing in public (safe and masked up) to bring joy to the community. You can still find him boogying down all over town on mild winter days.

“Tim loves connecting with people and is one of the most friendly and personable people I have ever met,” says job support coworker Peter Estay. “Each day with Tim is a guaranteed adventure!”  As facility and delivery associates Tim and Peter deliver fresh produce to local restaurants and grocery stores every Tuesday. “All of our customers simply love Tim and his enthusiasm.” For his part, Tim loves his job, the people in his community, and and his Vertical Harvest family.