Microgreen of the Month: Red-Veined Sorrel

IMG 3281

IMG 3281One of our most popular (and pretty) microgreens is citrusy Red-Veined Sorrel. We harvest it at the baby leaf size so it is super tender and at the perfect stage to use directly as a garnish. (FYI — if it’s grown to full size, you need to cook it like spinach). Purchase Red-Veined Sorrel in our Citrus Blend mix in grocery stores, or as a single crop on the Slow Foods marketplace

The Many Uses of Red-Veined Sorrel

Sorrel’s bright, lemony tang adds a touch of zest to cooked dishes as well as raw salads, and can also elevate your average vodka-based cocktail. It works like a squeeze of lemon on fish, but is so versatile and tasty that you can blend it into a sauce; cook it into soup, sautée it with other leafy greens; or even use it to top off a tart (download our Mighty Microgreen Handbook for a fabulous strawberry chocolate tart recipe using Sorrel). 

Burritos and Sushi Too

A customer even told us about adding Red-Veined Sorrel to a veggie burrito in place of lettuce. She lines the tortilla with this delightfully bold microgreen before plopping on black beans, brown rice, shredded cheese, diced red pepper and avocado. 

One more simple (yet brilliant) way to use Sorrel is as a citrusy topper to sushi. Add one vibrant leaf to the top of tuna, salmon, or really ANY nigiri or sashimi dish for an added pop.

Last but not least — red veined Sorrel is red and green, so it’s perfect for our December/holiday microgreen of the month! 

Microgreen Fun Fact: Embryonic leaves (cotyledons) of Red-Veined Sorrel are fully green, so unlike many microgreens that are harvested at this baby stage, we let the RV Sorrel develop its first set of “true leaves” that have the red coloring.